Friday, May 18, 2012

Today the major concern facing the women species in India is drop down in the sex ration of females. In the provisional 2011 Census report, the child sex ration has dropped to 914 females against 1000 males. Sources claim that over 1.5 million female feticide every year, the numbers can be more high than this.

Contrary to common myths this happens in urban rich and educated families also. 

Eight years ago in 2005, Manish Jha wrote and directed, Matrubhoomi, a film that examines the impact of female foeticide and female infanticide on the gender balance, and consequently the stability and attitudes of society. Its story seems a little too over the top to most – How can there be no women left in this world. The movie depicts a simple scenario of what might happen if there are no women left in the nation. 

One by one every girl child born is fed into boiling milk like dry-fruit toppings, killed ruthlessly and mercilessly. No wonder the village is left with NO absolutely no women. There's chaos everywhere, Men want women like a little boy wants ice-cream. Desperate for any thing to satisfy their as we call in it in Hindi hawas, even cows aren't spared. And suddenly by god’s grace a woman is found, whats in store for her is nothing less than a living hell.People learn from mistakes, they say. Unfortunately thats in fantasy.Rapes, abuses and tortures seem like eating chocolates when compared.Sold by her father for 5 lakh and 5 COWS, married to five brothers, shared like an apple sliced into 5 parts oops 6 parts, even her father in law wants a piece of her- getting an additional 1 lakh for her father when he writes to him about it. Bound like a Cow, she is raped and raped and tortured. The climax does give justice to her but also brings about the end of every living being in the village except her and her little girl child. 

Desperation- Ego- MEN haven’t been depicted more evil ever…

The movie ends and you feel a relief that this is fiction, but its now true fact of society. In Rajasthan, people buy girls from poor families and  are shared by all the men of the families Can you think of the psychology of that female…..
What a shame! How can a parent kill its own child with its own hands? 

The main reason for killing a girl child in womb is “Dowry”.

Common Man’s mentality: If it's a girl child, we will have to spend first on her education and then on her marriage and dowry ... It doesn't stop there. We will also have to meet some of her expenses after marriage. How I wish I could get a son 

When will it stop? Dowry system in the society, in the name of dowry, not only uneducated female but also educated females are harassed every minute. We are the land, where we pray goddess Lakshmi for our wealth and kill the daughter in law for wealth. What is govt or any individual doing to stop all this against women, for dowry, for female foeticide. Just watch and be blind 

I conclude at end, one has to look out for one self, govt and society can help you for time being, get yourself and your daughters educated, self-defensive (karate, Judo).  
Line from Bhagwad Geeta: Bearing injustice is an equal crime as doing it. 
Females, Why do you take the harassment? You are equally at fault, if you are not raising your voice against the violence. Raise it for your own good!!! Learn to be independent, you are not a weaker sex, you have all the rights to enjoy the freedom of decision making.